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Portable Vessel Capsule Room Hotel With Toilet

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Product Introduction

Size: length 13.0*width 4.5* height 3.2 m / 58 ㎡

Portable vessel capsule hotel configuration two bedrooms, one bathroom, one balcony and living

Portable vessel capsule hotel as a short berthing extension of home life more comfortable.

Professional customization ready-to-use product, no installation needed

Once the water and electricity are connected, it can be used.

Low power consumption, can be used at nearly everywhere.

Production Parameter (Specification)

Product Name                                     Portable vessel capsule room hotel with toilet

Plane Layout                                       Two bedrooms, One Bathroom, One Balcony and Living

Material                                              Galvanized steel Frame

Color                                                  White

Size                                                   13.0*Width 4.5* Height 3.2 M

Area covered                                      58 ㎡

Number of users                                 4

Weight                                               About 14.5 tons

Power consumption                             13 KW

Function                                              Portable vessel capsule room hotel with toilet


Production Feature And Application

Description of Advantages:

1>Assembly integrated design

2>No hardening of the land

3>Assembled, disassembled, movable

4>No construction waste is generated

5>Do not destroy the ecological environment

Production Details

Main structure:

Standard seismic structural system

Steel structure frame exterior trim panel aluminum)

Thermal insulation (100mm polyurethane insulation layer)

Exterior wall glass (6 + 12A + 6 hollow Low-E glass Entrance door (intelligent access control)

Built in configuration:

Optional air conditioner

Ceiling (interior trim module)

Wall (interior trim module)

Panoramic floor hollow Low-E glass

Environmental protection composite floor

Indoor lighting effect

Outdoor lighting effect

Curtains(electric curtains)

Cabinet module - customizable cabinet material

Intelligent control system is the integrated control system of the whole house

Fire smoke alarm, socket panel

Furniture: bed, mattress, sofa, tea table

Foot brace fixed:

Flexible installation and used. Not limited by region. Not limited by weather.It can be used in scenic areas, parks, farms, villages, resorts and other places.

Strong sealing:

The walls of the capsule house are filled with good insulation material and the glass is using double-layer insulating glass.whole house Sound insulation from outside noise and protection of internal privacy.

Deliver, Shipping And Serving

1. Professional product research

2. Professional development team

3. Strong production capacity

4. Shipping in time

5. Reason price for Customization

6. Standard quality inspection process

7. Perfect after-sales service guarantee system

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